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3 Data Economy Releases in 3 Weeks

The beginning of the year 2022 was full of releases for us! This was possible because we worked intensively on multiple fronts with our customers during the past months. Together with several professionals, we have cooked 3 major data economy-related releases.

  1. Data Economy 101 book to lead the data business

  2. Data Product specification offers sustainability and solid standard to build upon

  3. Data Product Toolkit 2.0 is a comprehensive data product and portfolio design toolkit with a strong business focus.

Data Economy 101 book

The book is for data monetization purposes, helps you to build a bridge between the IT department and business design to maximize data-driven value creation.

Data productizement and servitization are explained with real-world example case stories. This book is primarily for data business developers and contains just the bare minimum of technical terms.

Why the book is written? Based on data product-related discussions with 200+ companies, we have seen that gap in knowledge is not in technology or adopting technology to monetize data assets. A lot of tools, platforms, and technical solutions exist and we have skilled people on the job. But the problem is that they do not know what to do or why.

The business layer in companies is lagging behind and has difficulties understanding and applying data economy in their business. We want to change that!

Data Economy 101 is written for business developers, CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, and all developing data-driven businesses. If you happen to be in a position in which innovating new business or leading digitalization is your thing, this book is for you!

The book was released 28th Jan 2022 and can be purchased now! Get you copy!

Open Data Product Specification

Open Data Product Specification is technical specification of a machine-readable data product metadata model. It defines the objects and attributes as well as the structure of digital data products.

The Open Data Product Specification aims for the same impact in the Data Economy as what OpenAPI specification did for the API Economy.

​The data products and data as a service solutions are spread around increasing amount of market places, tool stack for the data product design, development and management is a wild west, consumers have a hard time knowing what they are purchasing or how to compare data products to find a best possible fit in their situation. In short, the data economy lacks a data product standard. By working together and openly, we can increase interoperability, growth, and data reuse with help of shared specifications.

Data Product Toolkit 2.0

The previous version of Data Product Toolkit has been used in 100+ data products. Alone the Miroverse version has been cloned 105 times. Based on the cases and feedback we have developed the next version of the Data Product Toolkit!

Data is increasingly becoming an article of trade or commerce - in short, a product. The era of data is about the process of data commoditization, where data is becoming an independently valuable asset that is freely available on the market. A “commodity” is defined as something useful that can be turned into commercial or other advantages. The Data Product Toolkit offers a comprehensive set of canvases for iterative design-driven data product creation. With help of the toolkit, anyone can design a data product in under 60 minutes. Usage support is primarily built on top of self-learning video guides.

What has changed since the previous version? Data Product Canvas has been reformed. Now the content is organized in four swimlanes: strategy, data value chain, legal & ethics and business & ecosystem. A new canvas is introduced: Portfolio Data Product Mapping Canvas. It helps you to evaluate appropriate moments to enter markets and order in which to develop your service candidates. Evaluation is based on two axis: market pull and implementation push.

Take a look at the toolkit, take it into use as self-service and if needed we will provide more help to succeed in the data economy!

BONUS: Data Product Toolkit SaaS version

Data Product Toolkit SaaS version is in development! Would you prefer to use an online application than just Miro canvases in Data Product design? We believe that the most effective approach is to use both! We are now building the application for this purpose.

Become an early adapter! Just sign up for the test crew and gain FREE access to the work-in-progress version of the platform. JOIN HERE!


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