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Open Data Product Standard at the EMEA Data Conference 2022

The organizers of the 2nd Conference of DAMA Chapters of the EMEA region, have considered data story suggestion of Jarkko Moilanen worthy and accepted it. The conference will be held in December 2022. What is the topic and what is expected? Let's discuss that next.

Connecting the dots of the Data Value Chain with the emerging data product standard

The above is the planned theme and topic of Jarkko's presentation. The Open Data Product Specification (ODPS) aims for the same impact onthe the Data Economy as what the OpenAPI specification did for the API Economy. Data products and data as a service -solutions are spread around an increasing amount of marketplaces, the tool stack for the data product design, development and management is a wild west, and consumers have a hard time knowing what they are purchasing or how to compare data products to find a best possible fit in their situation. In short, the data economy lacks a data product standard.

ODPS has gained the attention of Fortune 500 companies and many other. International standards are a vital tool in ensuring products and services are interchangeable and compatible across borders, removing barriers to trade, reducing production and supply chain costs and building confidence in business services, and protecting consumers. This is what Open Data Product Spesification aims to solve. Key benefits are: enable interoperability between organizations, data platforms, marketplaces, and tools. Increase the speed of designing, testing, and implementing data products. Enable creation of automated data product deployment with standard methods (DataOps).

In this presentation emerging data product metadata model designed after 200+ data product cases is presented in detail.

The main added value of the presentation

The presentation introduces a unique approach to data product management. Data Product as we all know is one of the cornerstones of emerging concepts like Data Mesh. Yet Data Mesh does not define a standardized data product metadata models to use. The presentation adds significant information and model for the future data management and architecture design principles.


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