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Data Economy Literature

From this page you'll find curated list of articles used in 100 Days Data Economy series as well as our presentations and Data Product Toolkit

Top 10 articles

We read dozens of articles per month while keeping up our knowledge to be able to offer top-class service for you. Below you'll find TOP 10 articles we currently consider as the must-read list for anyone wanting to understand the data economy. We are constantly evaluating new sources and updating the recommendation. The focus here is not on the technology, but business.

Towards a data-centric great game: New challenges for small states in contemporary power politics

Valtteri Vuorisalo & Mika Aaltola


Data Monetization as an asset to generate new revenues for firms

Miikka Laitila


Data-driven Business Models in Logistics: A Taxonomy of Optimization and Visibility Services

Möller et al


Data Market Platforms: Trading Data Assets to Solve Data Problems

Fernandez et al


Datatization as the Next Frontier of Servitization – Understanding the Challenges for Transforming Organizations

Ronny Schüritz et al


Pricing Approaches for Data MArkets

Alexander Muschalle et al


a Survey on Data Pricing: From Economics to Data Science

Jian Pei


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Challenges in the Emergence of Data Ecosystems

Gelhaar & Otto


Data MArketplaces: Trends and Monetisation of Data Goods

Markus Spiekermann


Data Monetization: Lessons learned from a Retailer´s Journey

Najjar & Kettinger


Above is just a few of all we've read while working with the Data Economy. Below is a list of more great articles.

  1. Turning information quality into firm performance in the big data economy

  2. IDMoB: IoT Data Marketplace on Blockchain

  3. Models as web services using the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) WebProcessing Service (WPS) standard

  4. Applications of open geospatial web services in precision agriculture: a review

  5. Adoption of Information Technology Under NetworkEffects

  6. Challenging the Long Tail Recommendation

  7. Tencent and Facebook Data Validate Metcalfe’s Law

  8. Review of Network Economics

  9. Information Management Capabilities in the Digital Era: The Senior Manager’s Perspective

  10. The Transformative Value of Cloud Computing: A Decoupling, Platformization, and Recombination Theoretical Framework

  11. Big data commercialization

  12. Big Data-Driven Value. Chains and Digital Platforms: From Value Co-Creation to Monetization.

  13. The new rules of retail: how marketplaces help retail to shift from a customer engagement to supplier engagement mind-set

  14. Multi-sided marketplaces and the transformation of retail: A service systems perspective

  15. When data is capital: Datafication, accumulation, and extraction

  16. Uncovering Research Streams in the Data Economy Using Text Mining Algorithms

  17. Challenges in the Emergence of Data Ecosystems ( GOOD ONE!)

  18. Towards Ethical Data Ecosystems: A Literature Study

  19. Design of emerging digital services: a taxonomy

  20. Data-Driven Business Models in Logistics: A Taxonomy of Optimization and Visibility Services (GOOD ONE!)

  21. Understanding Data-driven Service Ecosystems in the Automotive Domain


  23. Big data: extending the business strategy toolbox (data products!)

  24. Business Network Management as a Survival Strategy: A Tale of Two Software Ecosystems

  25. The New Industrial Data Economy (data nationalism)

  26. Data Governance as the Enabler of the Data Economy

  27. Consolidate IoT Edge Computing with Lightweight Virtualization

  28. Just-In-Time Data Virtualization: Lightweight Data Management with ViDa

  29. Data as economic goods: Definitions, properties, challenges, enabling technologies for future data markets

  30. Measuring the Value Of Information - An Asset Valuation Approach

  31. Pricing Approaches for Data Markets (good one!)

  32. The modern asset: Big Data and Information Valuation

  33. Analysis of Data Governance Implications on Big Data

  34. Data Economy and Antitrust Regulation

  35. A Growth Model of the Data Economy

  36. Rethinking Data Sharing at the Dawn of a Health Data Economy: A Viewpoint

  37. Building a European Data Economy

  38. Challenges in Value-Driven Data Governance (value aspects table)

  39. Understanding the Structural Characteristics of Data Platforms Using Metadata and a Network Approach

  40. Data Marketplaces: Trends and Monetisation of Data Goods

  41. A Metadata Model for Data Goods

  42. Preismodelle für Datenmarktplätze

  43. Discovering Business Models of Data Marketplaces

  44. The modern asset: Big Data and Information Valuation

  45. Analysis of Data Governance Implications on Big Data

  46. A Marketplace for Data: An Algorithmic Solution

  47. Data Governance in Data Ecosystems – Insights from Organizations (intra and inter-organisational data governance)

  48. A Review of Data Monetisation: Strategic Use of Big Data

  49. Designing a multi-sided data platform: findings from the International Data Spaces case

  50. Data Governance for Platform Ecosystems: Critical Factors and the State of Practice

  51. Designing data governance

  52. Data protection regulations and international data flows: Implications for trade and development (2016)


  54. Geospatial data sharing in Pakistan: Possibilities and problems

  55. Data Nationalism on the Rise

  56. Data Nationalism and Its Discontents

  57. Data Economy: Radical transformation or dystopia?

  58. A survey on data pricing: from economics to data science (BRILLIANT!)

  59. Best pricing strategy for information services

  60. Data market platforms: trading data assets to solve data problems

  61. Data quality for data science, predictive analytics, and big data in supply chain management: An introduction to the problem and suggestions for research and applications (DATA PRODUCT)

  62. Big data analytics in supply chain management between 2010 and 2016: Insights to industries

  63. Supply chain management for servitised products: A multi-industry case study

  64. Toward a Theory of Multi‐Tier Supply Chain Management

  65. A Framework for Analysis of Data Quality Research (DATA PRODUCT)

  66. “Data Experience”: It’s Getting Personal

  67. Data quality management, data usage experience and acquisition intention of big data analytics

  68. The impact of experience and time on the use of data quality information in decision making

  69. Valuating User Data in a Human-Centric Data Economy

  70. The semicircular flow of the data economy

  71. The service revolution and its marketing implications: service logic vs service-dominant logic (Grönroos)

  72. Value co-creation in service logic: A critical analysis

  73. Adopting a service logic for marketing

  74. Personal Data Gentrification

  75. Planting the Seeds for Data Literacy: Lessons Learned from a Student-Centered Education Program

  76. Data citizenship: Rethinking data literacy in the age of disinformation, misinformation, and malinformation

  77. Creating an Understanding of Data Literacy for a Data-driven Society

  78. Creative data literacy

  79. Incorporating Data Literacy into Information Literacy Programs: Core Competencies and Contents

  80. Data literacy is statistical literacy

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80+ More Great articles

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