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Lecture at "Data and Software Business" course for 130 Master's Level students - oct 3rd

Jarkko Moilanen was invited to give a lecture in a course organized by the unit of information and knowledge management, Tampere University. The audience is around 130 Master's level students in Data and Software Business course. The “Data and Software Business” module consists of lectures, guest lectures, Individual exercises, course exercises + presentations in the final event.

Data Economy - what, why and how?

Jarkko is going to focus on Data Economy landscape. The lecture will contain theoretical overview of the data economy landscape which helps us to understand the foundation for further actions. The theoretical framework becomes alive when Jarkko provides some practical examples from the field. Topics we will cover include for example dataflow, data product, data service, data servitization, data productizement, data mesh, datahubs, data product specification, value chain. In the end we take a look at what is ahead in the Data Economy.

In addition to that, we have a surprise for all participants....


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