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data product toolkit®

Version 1.0 & 2.1


Page contains introduction to the Data Product Canvas set

Data product toolkit®

Data Product Toolkit consists of six canvases:

  • Data Product Value Propositions

  • Business Metadata and Data Modeling Canvas

  • Data Product Canvas.

  • Data Product Development Cycle

  • Data Asset Evaluation Canvas

  • Data Commodity Mapping Canvas

Canvases are available as Miro boards, which can be filled in cooperatively online in a workshop. Miro boards contain detailed instructions on how to use canvases. Miro is free to start with (3 boards and unlimited teammates)

For those willing to use offline versions, canvases are available  as PDF files too.

Data Product Canvases(10).jpg


Data Product must be built for purpose! Canvas focuses on customer and their needs. This canvas helps you to ensure product-market fit and identify customer's pains and gains as well as pain relievers.

2. DATA asset evaluation canvas

Typically customer problem is known and a solution as a data product is built to remove the customer's problem. What if the problems are not known and we still want to proceed? Then one option is to use "Data Asset Driven Product Exploration” approach.

It starts from evaluating your data assets first instead of jumping to filling in the data product value proposition canvas. In this approach we start from data and travel towards finding the customer problem and our first set of data products.

Data Product Canvases(4).jpg
Data Product Canvases(12).jpg

3. DATA PRODUCT Development cycle

Every digital product has a development cycle and it has to be tied to business and data strategy. It has to be managed and support iterative development with clear process. Data Product development cycle canvas offers ready-made model to manage data product development from emerging customer needs to product sunset. Canvas has adapted successful lean design driven development model to minimize waste.  

4. DATA PRODUCT canvas

Canvas focuses on collecting product details in one spot. It is your product design template that you iterate until your team agrees that all aspects have been taken into account. Filled canvas helps you to communicate product purpose to business management, how to market it, estimate costs and how it is monetized.

Näyttökuva 2020-12-6 kello

5. DATA Commodity Mapping Canvas

Canvas helps you to evaluate approriate moment to enter markets and order in which to develop your service candidates. Evaluation is based on two axis: market pull and implementation push.

Before jumping to this, create multiple candidate products with Data Product Canvas and then use this canvas to define the relevance of each candidate product.


helps you to model both business elements and data product content model side by side. Often the upper section is filled in by business designer while the data architects focus on the lower part.

How to get started?

  1. Did you watch the introduction already - it's recommended as the first step.

  2. also read the TERMS and CONDITIONS

  3. We can't force you, but please do let us know that you've started to use the  toolkit. That is our requirement as trademark holders

Version 1.0 FREE Online Miro templateS

To enable also Miro free plan users to utilize our Data Product Toolkit®, we have published the templates in Miroverse

VERSION 2.1 enterprise plan

To get the latest version (2.1) and all the value from the Toolkit, you can order Enterprise plan and have as many users using it as you like.

Package includes:

  • Right to use Data Product Toolkit in internal use. If you bring additional companies into projects, we will add 100€ / business-id (vat 0%)

  • Unlimited users

  • 1-hour expert training session for 3-5 of your staff to be expert users of the toolkit. They are the key people who can train the rest of your staff. Additional training 150€ / hour (vat 0%)

  • Exclusive only for paid customers training sessions to keep up your toolkit skills as the toolkit evolves.

  • All Updates to the toolkit (version 2.1) are free of charge

  • 40+ supportive professional videos

  • We provide and maintain the Miro environment (costs billed monthly) - alternatively we can use your Miro plan

599€ / month (vat 0%)

Contact to order

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