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Datamix contributes Schema development resources to Open Data Product Specification

Open Data Product Specification is the technical specification of a machine-readable data product metadata model. It defines the objects and attributes as well as the structure of digital data products.

Since one of the user groups is machines, a schema is needed to validate inputs, generate tools content, and such. So far the specification has lacked proper Schema. Today Datamix company has decided to contribute to the Open Data Product Specification development.

Datamix provides Schema for the specification

They will bring skills, knowledge, and hands-on resources to the Schema development. The specification has reached version 1.0 status and this is the perfect moment for Schema development. With this contribution, Datamix is also taking a strong foothold in Technical specification development in the future. We would not be surprised to see Datamix in the future Technical Steering Group.

The schema will be published under the same open license as the standard. The Schema will be linked to the standard page - - and also to the related Github repository. The Schema is intended to be published in W3C facilitated

Datamix - experienced partner

Datamix vision is to be the go-to product development team for their Partners using the most effective and up-to-date technologies, programming languages and approaches. Datamix has done a significant amount of projects in the data economy and has decided to join Open Data Product Specification development. The company has offices in Kyiv (Ukraine), Pittsburgh (PA, USA), and London (UK).

We welcome Datamix to our community!

Join the specification development

Datamix contribution is concrete example how to participate in the development of a future globally acknowledged standard in the Data Economy. AgileLab, Platform of Trust and Bayer has expressed interest towards the standard and discussions of cooperation are ongoing as we speak.

Contact Jarkko Moilanen to learn more and agree on the next steps!


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