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Data Developer eXperience - 4th interview done

My journey on defining data developer experience took one step forward last Thursday 16th Feb. I had a chance to interview an experienced data economy professional who is in a key role of taking Data Mesh and data products into production in their organization.

A data mesh is a new approach to designing and developing data architectures. It lets users do away with the challenges involved in accessing data. It does so by creating a connectivity layer to control, manage, and support data access.

A data mesh stitches data stored in various devices and even organizations together. At its core, it makes data highly available, easily discoverable, secure, and interoperable with the applications that need access to it. It is not centralized and monolithic.

Data meshes federate data ownership among domain data owners who are held accountable for providing their data as products, while also facilitating communication between distributed data across different locations.


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