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Data Developer eXperience - 5th interview done

Yet another step forward was taken in defining the data developer experience. Today I was lucky to get a chance to interview a senior data analyst from a huge international company doing various data-driven solutions for customers all over the world.

One of the DX elements that surfaced clearly in the discussion was context. The data itself might require sometimes tacit knowledge to understand. That need should be removed in the productizement process.

Even after that, there is another obstacle to utilizing the data. The context data is related to might be totally new to the data consumer. In other words, if the data product is about stock markets, the analyst might not even understand the commonly used terminology with descriptions and data attributes. How to tackle that issue is another question :)

Participate and help to define data DX

I urge you to participate or tip your colleague about the research. You can find me on Linkedin as well or contact me via the provided form.


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