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Open Data Product Specification article Accepted to Desrist 2022

It's a celebration! Jarkko's paper "Open Data Product Specification" got accepted to the 17th International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technology

proceedings in the Prototypes Track.

The Prototypes Track is intended to showcase implementations of innovative IT artifacts (i.e., constructs, models, methods). The track provides an opportunity to demonstrate and discuss emerging IT artifacts with researchers and practitioners.

Jarkko Moilanen wrote the paper as a one man show. This time there was no coauthors but naturally several professionals helped with related work.


Data is increasingly also becoming an article of trade or commerce and approached with a product mindset. The process and tools to create and publish data commodities in data marketplaces are based on scattered and provider-specific metadata models. Data consumers also find it hard to compare data products and reusable development of dataops software solutions is cumbersome. Hence, we propose an Open Data Product Specification which is a vendor-neutral, open-source machine-readable data product metadata model, which enables interoperability between organizations, data platforms, marketplaces, and tools. The specification is built on experiences gained from over 30 data product cases. Our artifact can be used by practitioners to increase the speed of designing, testing, implementation, and deployment of data products, and to speed up emerging data markets development.

​Here's the accepted paper - unofficial version

Download PDF • 675KB

Open Data Product Specification 1.0

You can find the artifact from


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