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5th Chapter published in the Number 1 Data Economy book!

The Deliver Value in the Data Economy book is the number 1 book to read for anyone wanting to understand data economy and data monetization from a business perspective. If you are looking for yet another acronym-filled technology porn book, then this is not the one for you. But if you want to learn data business models, data products, and data services driven monetization, then head to the shop and get the book now!

If you purchased the book before the name change, you do not need to worry or do anything to get the updates 100% free as promised. You will get those - that's business as usual.

The fifth Chapter was published on schedule

The fifth chapter was published as planned on 15th May 2022. This project has progressed steadily and without any delays! We are publishing one chapter each month until we have 6 chapters. The last chapter is coming out this summer. After that, we can start selling printed old-school printed versions too. Now you can buy a digital version (PDF, EPUB, MOBI).

Note! If you buy the book now, you will get future updates 100% free!

Focus on the Data flow - it must flow

The 5th chapter deals with data flows and breaking the silos. As already highlighted in the introduction part of this book, companies’ understanding of the value of data has increased dramatically in recent years. Companies more and more often want to take advantage of data to improve business performance and gain competitive advantages. Almost all companies and public organizations want to be data-driven and take advantage of data science, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, predictive analytics, or just simple reporting solutions. While the benefits are undeniable, it sometimes seems that they’re talked about a lot more often than something is done about things.

The greatest obstacle is the same eternal even today; access to siloed data. If data utilization has been identified as a necessary competitive advantage for today’s business, then why is it so difficult to access the data we need? So, why not start digital transformation by focusing on breaking down data silos? This chapter gives you the tools to tear down the walls and break the silos.

You should select the data that is critical to your business and start systematically breaking data silos.

Get the book now!

Buy the book and get the updates 100% free. Get the book -price nowt $15,90


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