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4th Chapter published From the renamed Data Economy book!

The Deliver Value in the Data Economy book is the number 1 book to read for anyone wanting to understand data economy and data monetization from a business perspective. If you are looking for yet another acronym-filled technology porn book, then this is not the one for you. But if you want to learn data business models, data products, and data services driven monetization, then head to the shop and get the book now!

With a new more accurate name

As you probably noticed we have renamed the book from Data Economy 101 to Deliver Value in the Data Economy. The previous name was a work in progress type of name. While authoring the book content in cooperation with customers and data economy professionals, we noticed that value delivery is the core idea behind the book. Value delivery and creation are the core purposes of any company. Data Economy is no exception!

If you purchased the book before the name change, you do not need to worry or do anything to get the updates 100% free as promised. You will get those - that's business as usual.

The fourth Chapter was published on schedule

The fourth published chapter was published as planned on 15th Apr 2022. We are publishing one chapter each month until we have 6 chapters. The last chapter is coming out this summer. After that, we can start selling printed old-school printed versions too. Now you can buy a digital version (PDF, EPUB, MOBI).

Note! If you buy the book now, you will get future updates 100% free!

Focus on the Value co-Creation

The 3rd chapter deals with the data commodity (products & services) development-related issues, processes, team compositions, and portfolio management. The chapter is intentionally filled with service-focused discussion because services are eating the world. The time of products is moving behind and services are all over.

We approach the data commodity-driven value (co-)creation from three perspectives or three layers that you need to get fixed as you proceed in the data economy. The layers are, 1) data-driven business knowledge (value streams, service-dominant logic, offering options, business models), 2) processes that provide systematic measurable actions (customer-centric, business-driven, cyclic and iterative), 3) and skills to utilize data (team composition and skills, data literacy). The person managing the portfolio is like a mini-CEO responsible and needs to have some skills in all of these layers.

Get the book now!

Buy the book and get the updates 100% free. Get the book -price nowt $12,90


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