#73 What is Data modeling?

Data modeling sounds like a technical task related to data warehousing and data description. And this is true, but it is not the job of technical people. We interviewed company Ari Hovi (www.arihovi.com), one of Finland's leading data modeling companies, and their leading data model expert Mr. Hannu Järvi briefly stated that "the best data modeling project comes when top management, even the CEO, participates in the process". Briefly, a data modeling process that models and analyzes a company’s data needs and structure in relation to the company’s business model and processes. It is clear, therefore, that if this is left only to the shoulders of technical people, then when information is used, for example, to support decision-making, the value of the data cannot be harnessed or the data can be fully used for business purposes. And if you understand the need of data modeling, you should actively manage it as every other critical processes.