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#100 Data Economy book to guide you into the data economy success

Requested by many

The journey of 100 days of Data Economy generated a lot of discussions and many of the participants raised the need for simple basics ("101") covering book about the data economy. We decided to respond to the call!

We are poring in 30+ years of C-level experience in Platform, API, and Data Economy. We bring the curated wisdom of 300+ academic articles to you in one package. You will learn the principles derived from 200+ cases.

In short, with help of this easy-to-read book, you will learn how to succeed in the data economy.

For whom?

The book is written for anyone dealing with data strategy, data products, data services, data literacy, and data management in the organization. This book is not filled with technical jargon. Instead, it uses popularized business-oriented easy to understand language.

This book is for you if you wish to understand data monetization and successfully enter data economy

One of the guiding principles is that anyone should be able to read the book during a weekend. Another principle is that it is based on facts. Content will be based on academic research. The otherwise often "dry" academic theory is spiced with juicy and highly addictive practical life examples and stories.

Versatile & experienced authors

Two of the authors have doctor's degrees and thus have been recognized professionals in analytical thinking. All of the authors approach the data economy from different angles and together build a strong roster.

Jarkko Moilanen, PhD

Ph.D. (Information science), Experienced CDO and COO. Long-term API and Data Economy professional with Ph.D. degree built around network-driven economy. MIT sponsored Chief Data Officer Country Ambassador for Finland. Inventor and igniter of Data Product Toolkit. Currently advancing towards another doctor's degree, this time in economics. More about the research.

Toni Luhti, DSC

DSc (economy), Seasoned CEO in multiple companies. A solution-oriented person always looking forward to new opportunities and solutions, not problems or roadblocks. In business, it means executing every task better than expected, always on schedule, and keeping all parties satisfied.

Jussi Niilahti, M.Eng

M.Eng, value creation wizard in data servitization. Strong background from different aspects of digitalization, especially from data platforms, APIs and data products, geospatial data, smart cities infrastructures, data-driven planning and development.

Sales begin Jan 2022

Instead of making you wait for a year until the book goes through the traditional publishing process, we decided to take another path.

We will offer the book before it is finalized. In the early phase, you pay a lower price and receive all the updates to the book without an extra fee. Naturally, all this is in digital format. Eventually when the book is 100% finished it will be offered also as old school printed version.

Looking for more case examples

The book is based on experiences from 200+ data monetization cases, but we still want to provide an opportunity for interesting cases to be added to the book. Excellent cases are discussed in detail and for sure will be something that interests a lot of people. They will remember the examples! Contact us to discuss more how to include your case!

Content derived from 200+ successful data monetization cases

Data monetization is explained so that everyone understands it!


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