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Two trademarks For Data Product Business

We have taken yet another step in maturing our business at Data Product Business. Data Product Business received just recently notification from EU IPO that 2 trademarks have been registered for us: Data Product Business and Data Product Toolkit. Both of the trademarks are figurative European Union trademarks (EUTM).

Why trademarks?

Trademarks are highly valuable assets. According to one recent estimate, trademarks account for, on average, one-third of corporate value.

The reasons for trademark registration are obvious:

  • Offer Brand Protection

  • Give you Exclusive Rights to the Mark

  • Bolster Business Reputation

  • Preventing Trademark Squatters

  • Protects Your Brand On Social Media

Data Product Business®

  • Nice Classifications: 9, 35, 41, 42

  • Read more from EU IPO

Data Product Toolkit®

  • Nice Classifications 9, 35, 41, 42

  • Read more from EU IPO

Ask for permission

We do not allow use of our trademarks and copyrighted work by third parties unless specific permission is granted. If you wish to request permission, please contact us. We will review your request and if approved, we will provide you with a confirmation email. In the request:

  • Describe the media in which you wish to use the Brand Asset

  • Describe where your use of the Brand Asset will take place

  • Please provide a mockup showing how you propose to use the Brand Asset


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