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Open Data Product Standard in the development

We have started to develop a thing which we call "Open Data Product Specification". It will probably not be anything big like OpenAPI specification, but the aim is pretty much the same. Instead of focusing on APIS, we focus on the emerging data products.

Note! In the "Open Data Product" focus is on the latter words and the prefix 'open' refers to the openness of the standard. Any kind of connotations to open data (a different thing) is not intentional, intended, or desirable.

The expected release date of version 1.0 is around Jan 2022.

What is it?

Technical specification of a machine-readable data product metadata model. It defines the objects and attributes as well as the structure of digital data products. The work is based on existing standards and best practices. For is example definitions are used whenever it makes sense. The reasoning is that we reuse and proudly copy instead of reinventing the wheel.

The Open Data Product Specification structure is simple. On the left is navigation, in the middle detailed description of the objects and attributes (mandatory and optional separated), and on the right reader always finds JSON formatted examples.

What are the benefits?

This kind of metadata model is needed in developing tools for Data Product Teams to be efficient, to have fun, and to be able to automate their work (DataOps).

Open Data Product specification once it has reached version 1.0:

  • enables interoperability between organizations, data platforms, marketplaces, and tools.

  • reduces data model conversions between systems and organizations,

  • increases the speed of designing, testing, and implementing data products.

  • enables automated data product deployment with standard methods (DataOps)

  • is openly available (soon) and shared under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

Join the development crew

At this point, we are inviting interested people to join the development. This work is still in the early phase, but we have been boiling the idea and related concepts for 2+ years. This is the moment to make it real. Besides we need this to go forward with our Data Product Toolkit SaaS version.


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