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Looking for AI / ML partner to Build a pilot around Standard data products

Part of the Open Data Product standard's next phase is to do pilots which somehow touches the specification.

What standard?

The Open Data Product Specification aims for the same impact in the Data Economy as what OpenAPI specification did for the API Economy. The data products and data as a service solutions are spread around increasing amount of market places, tool stack for the data product design, development and management is a wild west, consumers have a hard time knowing what they are purchasing or how to compare data products to find a best possible fit in their situation. In short, the data economy lacks a data product standard. By working together and openly, we can increase interoperability, growth, and data reuse with help of shared specification. ​International standards are a vital tool in ensuring products and services are interchangeable and compatible across borders, removing barriers to trade, reducing production and supply chain costs and building confidence in business services and protecting consumers.

This is why we have created Open Data Product Specification and version 1.0 was published in Feb 2022. Readmore from here:

Pilot candidates

Testing the standard with AI/ ML solutions is one of the six planned and wanted pilot areas. Idea is to test and evaluate how the ODPS works in various contexts. Thus cases differ significantly from each other. Pilots should have both data producers and consumers

We will promote the results in conferences

The Founder of Open Data Product Initiative Jarkko Moilanen has been invited to speak about Data Product standard and AI in the coming Nordics AI summit in Stockholm (December). We have other events also coming in which we can put forward any solution build together. As you can see this in one clear marketing channel for your solutions and talent.

Funding for pilots

We have some tools to provide partial funding for the pilot as well. But aim is to make short and compacts pilots which do not require too much resources and thus external funding is often minimal, but possible. The Initiative is also gathering funding via donations and company memberships. The latter is just getting started and thus that stream is still rather low.

Get in touch and lets make a data product pilot together!

Jarkko Moilanen (Open Data Product Initiative Founder and Strategy Group Chair)


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