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Legal expertise wanted in toolkit development

We are looking for legal guidance/help. We are starting to define Data Source Legal Conditions checklist which will act as initial checklist for data sources used in data products. Users of the list are data product owners, who normally do not have any legal education. Checklist will reduce the lawyer's workload in firms and speed up the data product development. Checklist strengthens the existing Data Product Toolkit.


Based on our experiences, we need to have Data Source Legal Conditions Checklist for data product owners. Data Product owners are not familiar with legal aspects in detail and might make costly mistakes. This is the fear present in companies. This is also stopping some data product development. It is understandable that if you have doubts (especially legal) you will not act, but instead stop everything. We need to tackle this barrier to speed up data economy.


Lawyers are always advised to be part of data product teams. The intention is not replace them! Intention is to reduce their workload and take away the burden to reply to same questions again and again. You want to use lawyers in something more meaningful and productive. In some cases lawyers are still needed. We can't make a checklist to cover all situations and relieve all doubts in the data product owner's head.

At least 80% of the data product cases are rather simple and similar regarding the data source checks.

But based on our experience at least 80% of the data product cases are rather simple and similar regarding the data source checks. For those cases we are now developing a checklist which contains questions with yes/no answer options. Answering all the questions in the checklist, will assure data product owners to proceed forward with peace of mind. In case they can't answer all the questions, they are advised to contact lawyer again.


None of the Data Product Toolkit developers are lawyers eventhough we have pretty good aspects and views to legal issues too due to extensive experience. Yet, we would like to have a real legal expert work with us at least for the checklist, but perhaps even more. Preferred cooperation model would be partnership in which we both aim to generate joint business in data economy.


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