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Here is the recording from the webinar

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free online webinar on data monetization 17th Feb 2021

In the event you will learn what is data monetization, what it requires from your organisation and how to get started. At the same time we are launching Data Product Toolkit 1.0!

  • Date and time: 17th February 2021, 1pm (EET)

  • Duration: 60 minutes

  • Location: online, url provided for registered participants

Target audience

  • CxO

  • Top Management

  • Business decision-makers

Based on over 100 customer cases

Speakers in the webinar are the famous 2CxOs with 2PhDs - Toni Luhti and Jarkko Moilanen! We've have had thought leader role in over a 100 data monetization cases. In this webinar you will find answers to questions like:

  • Why should I care about data economy?

  • What are data products?

  • What is the purpose of APIs in monetizing data?

  • What are the hurdles you need to cross and how to enter data economy?

Methods and claims BACKED BY academic research

Toni Luhti's doctoral thesis focused on providing insights on how to succeed in platform economy. Jarkko's doctoral research focused on describing the layers, logic and business models in the 3D printing ecosystem which is based on sharing and monetizing digital blueprints of objects.

That was the past. Now these two gentlemen have started to work in 2nd doctoral research projects! This time focus is tightly on the emerging Data Economy.


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