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Jarkko Moilanen selected to the Hyperight Nordic 100 in Data, Analytics, and AI list

The list features Data, Advanced Analytics & AI practitioners or individuals strongly dedicated to supporting the data community and accelerating the Data and AI innovation capabilities in the Nordic region.

The List changes every year with 100 new names, and it is designed to recognize and celebrate the work and the efforts of exceptional individuals in our network who drive the Data and AI innovation forward, selflessly sharing their knowledge with others, and inspiring young generations and other practitioners to follow the same path.

Influencers and thought leaders

Selection is based on three main criteria:

Leadership and Innovation - Individuals who have shown leadership and innovation skills within their or many other organisations, demonstrating and advocating the importance and value of Data, Advanced Analytics and AI.

Influence and Engagement - Engagement with the broader Data, Analytics and AI industry is important. This can include being a member of an industry council, speaking at industry conferences or taking part in meet-ups, creating knowledge-sharing and collaboration activities, having published research or showcasing thought leadership through different channels.

Delegate Feedback - In some minor cases we have selected Nordic speakers whose presentations have been received with great enthusiasm by the delegates attending Hyperight events.

Business Analytics and BI

Jarkko Moilanen was selected to the list in the category of BUSINESS ANALYTICS AND BI, INNOVATION.

Jarkko is a long-term API and Data Economy professional with PhD degree built around network driven economy . Jarkko’s ability to combine research and practical work around data monetization is what sets him apart from other professionals. Over 20 years of IT and digitalization experience with the latest academic knowledge makes him a highly valuable executive for companies

of all sizes. Country CDO Ambassador of Finland in MIT CDOIQ, the International Society of Chief Data Officers, Institute for Chief Data Officers, and CDO Magazine. Currently, Jarkko works as Chief Data Officer in Vastuu Group and in Data Product Business as well. As a sign of life-long yearning for new knowledge, Jarkko is is currently pursuing his 2nd PhD about the design-driven data productizement process, which binds together data products and data strategy in companies.

Jarkko is always looking for practical solutions for value creation and the hunger for innovations has resulted in the business- focused Data Product Toolkit and Open Data Product Specification which is a vendor-neutral, open-source machine-readable data product metadata model.

On stage - Data Innovation Summit 2022

Jarkko was also speaking at the valued Data Innovation Summit 2022 in Stockholm. You can watch the presentation from Youtube


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