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Deliver Value in the Data Economy Published With 769 Improvements

During the summer of 2022, our book Deliver Value in the Data Economy was passed on to a native English-speaking person for readability check. In the process, 769 improvements were found. Most of the fixes were minor punctuation related or alike.

This is no surprise since the authors are experienced writers, Grammarly was used to check the correctness of text, and the Hemingway app was used to ensure readability. Hiring a real person to do final checking was done to maximize your experience and get the most for your money.

Now we can truly say that we are done with the book! Our next steps include getting test versions of the book before pushing the pedal to the medal with final printing.

Get the final digital version!

The updated version of the book has been uploaded to Leanpub and Amazon in case you just can't wait for the printed version.

Go get it!


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