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Deliver Value in the Data Economy book is ready!

The Deliver Value in the Data Economy book is the number 1 book to read for anyone wanting to understand data economy and data monetization from a business perspective. If you are looking for yet another acronym-filled technology porn book, then this is not the one for you. But if you want to learn data business models, data products, and data services driven monetization, then head to the shop and get the book now!

The book is now 99,8% ready! We just fine-tune some sentences during the summer 2022 and then we can print the hardcover versions too! You can now order the digital versions.

The last Final Chapters are now ready

During the past month, we've written two chapters so that we can finalize the book content before the summer holidays which we want to have in July as 90% of the Finns do. If you purchased the book before the name change, you do not need to worry or do anything to get the updates 100% free as promised. You will get those - that's business as usual.

Data Value Delivery Framework and Data Economy Mandate

In the last two chapters we focus on putting all the previously discussed in a package we call Data Value Delivery Framework. The Data Value Framework is to help business leaders understand how large and multidimensional data making can be modeled as a whole, what different things need to be considered, what expertise is required to be outsourced, what to do, and most importantly, how it ensures business value. The framework is not a project or a momentary activity, but an integral part of the company’s entire operations.

In the final 7th chapter, we open up what is Data Economy Mandate and why you should issue it in your company.

Get the Finished digital version now!

Buy the book and get the updates 100% free. Get the book -price nowt $19,90. We will do grammar and readability checks during July 2022 before putting the book in print. If you purchase the digital version, you will of course get the updates in the future for free as usual.

Print version in September 2022

During the summer we'll take a breath and let naive English-speaking person to go through the book. Then we'll do the readability improvements - that missing 0,2% - and push the book for print! Then you'll get the preordered print version!

You can still preorder the print version too! See more from


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