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Data Product Toolkit version 2.0 has been released

The previous version of Data Product Toolkit has been used in 100+ data products. Alone the Miroverse version has been cloned 105 times. Based on the cases and feedback we have developed the next version of the Data Product Toolkit!

Data is no longer a byproduct

Data is increasingly becoming an article of trade or commerce - in short, a product. The era of data is about the process of data commoditization, where data is becoming an independently valuable asset that is freely available on the market. A “commodity” is defined as something useful that can be turned into commercial or other advantages. The Data Product Toolkit offers a comprehensive set of canvases for iterative design-driven data product creation. With help of the toolkit, anyone can design a data product in under 60 minutes. Usage support is primarily built on top of self-learning video guides.

What has changed since the previous version?

Data Product Canvas has been reformed. Now the content is organized in four swimlanes: strategy, data value chain, legal & ethics and business & ecosystem,

A new canvas is introduced: Portfolio Data Product Mapping Canvas. It helps you to evaluate approriate moment to enter markets and order in which to develop your service candidates. Evaluation is based on two axis: market pull and implementation push

When to use The Data Product Toolkit?

You should use the Toolkit whenever you need to maximize data reuse capabilities internally and partner network data-value chains, or monetize data as services and products publicly. The toolkit contains processes and canvases for two scenarios. The first is customer problem-driven in which problem and pain are known and a data product can solve the problem as well as the pain. In the second scenario, we start by evaluating available data and continue from thereon.

The Data Product Toolkit method has multiple valuable outcomes

  • Tools to do business-driven data product design with a systematic method

  • Manage and evaluate business objective-driven data product ideas

  • Light-weight method to do data asset inventory from a business perspective - not technology

  • Identify what data we might lack to succeed in business objectives

  • Discover the amount and depth of the efforts needed in monetizing your data assets

  • Evaluate organizational capabilities (human and system) to enter the data economy

  • Identify low-hanging fruits eg easiest assets to monetize

Published as Miro boards and PDF file

The Data Product Toolkit version 2.0 has been published as Miro board and PDF file. Eventually the Miro board is available also via Miroverse.


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