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Data Product Toolkit available as Miro Template

We are delighted to tell you that our Data Product Toolkit is now available for all Miro users via Miroverse. You now have three options to use Data Product Toolkit®.

On this day over 40 data products have been created with help of our initial Data Product Toolkit!

Try it yourself, below is how!

1. The latest toolkit

Note that you must have paid plan in Miro to use this option. Currently, you can upload the template to your Miro account by

  1. downloading Data Product Toolkit version 0.8.3 package (release date 5.2.2021) and then

  2. following the detailed instructions created by Miro.

2. Miroverse template

Our Data Product Toolkit® is now available as Miro template. This option works even with freemium Miro plan.

The provided Miro template is always lagging a little behind compared to the above package driven distribution. This is due to Miroverse template acceptance process.

Taking Data Product Toolkit® in use is dead simple. Just click "Use template" from Miroverse to get started.

3. PDF files

Canvases as one PDF file. This package contains always the latest canvas versions. Download, print and use! the

Learn more about data product and economy

You can learn more about data products and data services from our biweekly data economy updates. Take a look at the free material!


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