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Data Product Specification as the foundation for data platform

Open Data Product Specification (ODPS) has gained a significant amount of attention from the Data Mesh community. It's no wonder since one of the pillars of the Data Mesh concept is Data Product. While crafting version 1.0 of the ODPS , we have Data Mesh on the table. We read about it, we discussed it with several data professionals and adopted some of the thinking of it.

Towards Open Data Product Initiative

Ever since the release of version 1.0, we've had several meetings with a lot of data economy companies and professionals. We are now planning to set up Open Data Product Initiative to make the development community-driven.

We plan to release the governance candidate model after the summer, and rebrand the spec under its own identity with its own logo to make a more clear separation from Data Product Business. Data Product Business will remain a key player in the development, but this change opens the doors for others to participate in the development without huge barriers.

Foundation for a data platform

Yesterday we received an interesting and inspiring message from a startup founder:

I’m leading now a second data mesh effort and recent read your paper and the work you & team shared at I’m looking to adopt the specs to data governance and asset risk teams. Also plan to use it as foundation for self-serve data platform.

Goes without saying that we can't reveal any more details, but this is the first time we heard that the spec would act as the foundation for a data platform. We are not that surprised since the spec is intended to be enabling the whole data value chain

Get familiar with the emerging standard and let's have a chat if needed :) The history and longer story behind the spec can be found on the Data Product Business site.


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