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Data Product Business on stage at the 2nd Data Sharing Winter School - dec 2021

Next Mobility – Smart Data Sharing to Moving Goods and People

When it comes to the digital transformation of the economy, the provision and sharing of data in data spaces are at the center of the discussion. Europe wants to accelerate the digital transformation with the use of data and meaningful approaches to data sharing. Expectations are high: The future viability of our entire EU economy is at stake. This is a perfect time for you to learn more about data sharing and topics like interoperability, data sovereignty, and data usage control as success factors for data spaces.

This event is designed for students and researchers from RTOs and R&D departments of companies with a scientific background. The Winter School includes a technical workshop in which you must successfully participate for the certificate of completion. The Winter School is free of charge

Business Models for Data Sharing

Jarkko Moilanen has been invited to the panel discussion on the 2nD day of the Winter School. Jarkko will be on stage at "Business Models for Data Sharing" session. It is likely that the discussion goes towards the servitization and Data as a Service which are at the core of the Data Economy.

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We are open for invitations in the future as well! Contact us to invite one or more of our professionals to your events! The contact channel is here.


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