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#77 Who are data product owners?

Jedd Davis says in the Harvard Business Review article that "Approach Your Data with a Product Mindset". Without product mindset the data monetization and commercialization are going to fail. The people to lead the productizement process are data product managers.

For every business that uses data in order to better understand their customers and inform their choices, there is an intricate team of professionals who work with that data. There are data scientists, data engineers, data analysts, data miners, and machine learning professionals just to name a few. They all work with different elements of data. In the midst of all of this, however, you need someone who develops and maintains a vision and plan for that data and oversees the execution of that plan. That professional is a data Product Owner.

The role of the Data Product Owner is naturally crucial in managing data product portfolios to enable and support the data consumers to create value. Here are a few key principles for the Data Product Owner role.

As a Data Product Owner…

  1. I have a clear vision and a roadmap for the data product I own.

  2. I ensure that my product is discoverable, highly usable, legally compliant and has good quality.

  3. I consider my data product an important asset for the whole company. I promote and evangelise the use of my data product.

  4. I collect and prioritise data development tasks from the whole organisation.

  5. I have a good understanding of the data itself and how it is accessed and used throughout the organisation.

  6. I use 50–100 percent of my time on this role.

The role description is still in motion

You can find job opportunities for data product owners/managers on the web. Take a look at those and learn how other companies are framing this new important role since it is not carved on stone yet. Here's a couple of examples:


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