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#48 Joint Open Data Product Initiative launched!

On Tuesday 9th August 2022 Open Data Product Initiative was launched and details were published. The Initiative is a continuum that is related to the Open Data Product Spesification which was released in February.

Initiative purpose

Open Data Product Initiative (“ODPI”) provides an open source community, within which industry participants may easily contribute to building vendor-neutral, portable, and open specifications for providing technical metadata for Data Products and Services – such as the “Open Data Product Specification” – and supporting tooling for validating the integrity of the specifications or instantiations of it.

The ODPI is as such not intended to be a destination for community/consumer-focused tooling outside of the specification itself.

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The Open Data Product Initiative is the umbrella under which specification is developed transparently: standard is available for all without payments, any organization can join, budgeting is open, and anyone is able to join the discussion and development.

Purpose of the specification

International standards are a vital tool in ensuring products and services are interchangeable and compatible across borders, removing barriers to trade, reducing production and supply chain costs and building confidence in business services, and protecting consumers. This is why we develop Open Data Product Specification.

At the moment we have 2 permanent working groups

Development and maintenance of standards are managed by Technical Steering Committee. This group is responsible for managing pull requests, any suggested improvements towards the specification, and releases of the specification. The Technical Steering Committee is chaired by Jussi Niilahti, who has been leading the technical development of the Open Data Product Specification.

The second work group is the Strategy Group This group focuses on the business side of the Initiative, accepts new members, and is the body to change community rules and memberships. This group also manages the overall design and related design principles of the standard. The Strategy Group is chaired by Jarkko Moilanen, founder of the Data Product Initiative.

Initiative marketing and ecosystem design and lead is as we speak handed over to Tekla Wannas, who has a long track record in building data and platform ecosystems.

Become member!

Community events and news are organized via the Open Collective page. From there you will find information on all of the events including working group meetings, purchase membership packages, see the budgeting, and news. In short Open Collective is the main source of information regarding the initiative.


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