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3rd Chapter From The Data Economy 101 book is published

The Data Economy 101 book is the number 1 book to read for anyone wanting to understand data economy and data monetization from a business perspective. If you are looking for yet another acronym-filled technology porn book, then this is not the one for you. But if you want to learn data business models, data products and data services driven monetization, then head to the shop and get the book now!

Third Chapter published on schedule

The third published chapter was published as planned on 15th Mar 2022. We are publishing one chapter each month until we have 6 chapters. The last chapter is coming out this summer. After that we can start selling printed old school versions too. Now you can buy digital version (PDF, EPUB, MOBI).

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Focus on the business data landscape

In this 3rd chapter, we’ll take a closer look at understanding the existing data environment from a business perspective, looking at it through a business model, thinking about the little data modeling work needed, and where to invest to get the most out of it. As before, we try to avoid technical details and keep the perspective high enough. This chapter is not intended to be a basic work for data modeling or architecture perception, but rather a business-oriented perspective to discuss the issue with technical personnel.

Data modeling is crucial if you wish to succeed in data economy. Thus it is discussed from multiple angles.

Data modelling is in the core when you want to take advantage of data holistically and efficiently. The data economy actually requires an increase in the level of data modeling between all parties. If the data models used between different organizations are also taken into account in the utilization of data, it is immediately clear whether data from outside your own organization can be utilized immediately in your own operations and how long data value chains in your business network can serve better your business needs.

\noindent Special thanks to Mr. Hannu Järvi, who, with his views and expertise, gave a tremendous amount of additional understanding of how successful data modeling is a key competitive factor in all data-related operations.modeling

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