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#1 Why and for whom is 100 Days of Data Economy written for?

The 100 Days of Data Economy is a series of blog posts written one per day. Each post discusses briefly one topic from the emerging Data Economy. The roster behind posts consists of three persons: Toni Luhti (LinkedIn), Jarkko Moilanen (LinkedIn), and Jussi Niilahti (LinkedIn). Connect with us on LinkedIn!

Combined CxO experience in API, Platform, and Data Economy is over 25 years. We’ve seen and done it all - from technical development or data flows to customer-first based service business development.

Based on hundreds of cases

Based on data product related discussions with 200+ companies, we have seen that gap in knowledge is not in technology or adopting technology to monetize data assets. A lot of tools, platforms and technical solutions exists and we have skilled people on the job.

But the problem is that they do not know what to do or why. The business layer in companies is lagging behind and has difficulties to understand and apply data economy in their business. We want to change that!

For business decision-makers and innovators

The 100 Days of Data Economy is written for business developers, CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, and all developing data driven business. If you happen to be in a position in which innovating new business or leading digitalization is your thing, this 100 Days of Data Economy series is for you!

Focus on data Economy business - not tech

In the series you will get insights based on our experiences in practical cases as well as results from academic research we conduct as well. Two of us have doctoral degrees from ecosystem driven platform business. Intention is to focus on the business side of data commodities also known mostly as data products and data as a service (DaaS).

We will leave the technical aspects in the outer rings since those aspects are already covered in various blogs and podcasts. One of the follow ups after the 100 Days is that material will be edited into a book, but that is just one crazy idea.

Let us know what troubles your head

We have a lot of topics in mind already and those are derived from practical cases and real world problems. The posts are written to answer a question posed in the beginning of it if not already in the title. You are also welcome to suggest topics to discuss. Intention is also to enage with the audience and have debates and discussions.

Enjoy the 100 days ride - it will be a rollercoaster!


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