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CHIEF Data Officer
as a Service

Your business transformation journey to Data Economy must be led by an experienced Chief Data Officer.  Get started instantly by getting it as a service


"Approach Your Data with a Product Mindset"

Harvard Business review

Without product mindset, the data monetization and commercialization are going to fail.

The people to lead the productizement process are data product managers.


Data product cases solved by our managers!

60 minutes

is the time it takes our managers to create data product design

100 000+

people influenced by our actions

"I have a clear vision and a roadmap for the data product I own."


"I ensure that my product is discoverable, highly usable, legally compliant and has good quality."


"I consider my data product an important asset for the whole company. I promote and evangelise the use of my data product."

Data product manager mindset

Data Product MAnager Mindset

"I collect and prioritise data development tasks from the whole organisation."


I" have a good understanding of the data itself and how it is accessed and used throughout the organisation."

Mindset is the key

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