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Monetize your data assets

We help you to capture real value from your data by practical methods, tools and world-class knowledge


Deliver Value
in the
Data Economy is available now!

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convert Source data into products and value

Raw data is worth money, but productized data is worth a million. 


We provide Data Strategy consulting as well as data product design services and tools.

We'll train your data management staff for the needs the of data economy!

Tools such as Data marketplaces and platforms offer you HOW to do it, you still need to figure out WHY and WHAT as business objectives and strategy. This is what Data Product Toolkit™ is for.

introduction to data monetization

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What is data monetization?

You might have terabytes of data and utilize data analysis to pull value from it. That's only the beginning. You are looking inside your company's digital premises. Turn your eyes to outside too. You can reach out and sell data products and make additional revenue. That is data monetization. 


Data Literacy Program

Start Connecting data, people and decisions

Data as a Business awareness

Maximize data economy awareness in your organization

High Quality 
Keynotes and presentations

Two Phds with 20+ years of Data, API and Platform Economy CxO experience

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Looking for something else?

Data Product toolkit™

introduction in 5 minutes!

Data product toolkit™

Data Product Toolkit™ is a collection of Data Product canvases which will help you to design a data product while keeping business objective in mind.


After going through the process you have a clear plan for the data product and it can be built and published for sale with desired technology and platforms such as Platform of Trust.

Why would I need this?

Ask yourself, do you want to sell barrels of oil or gasoline? Which is more usable and valuable for the consumers? Which has bigger profit? If you don’t like the oil comparison (for a good reason), how about milk products then? Raw milk or Swiss cheese? Which is more profitable?


Data is no different. You need to productize and refine it before sales.

OUR Trusted partners

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Meet The Team

CxO professionals in platforms, data and API economy


Jarkko Moilanen, PhD

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Long term API and Data Economy professional with PhD degree built around  network driven economy. Co-author & igniter of Deliver Value in the Data Economy book. 


Jarkko is the creator of the Data Product Toolkit, which helps organizations to take advantage of data, design data products to maximize internal reuse and partner network value, and eventually, monetize derived data-driven services. As part of the toolkit development, Jarkko has defined first in the world Open Data Product Specification which is a vendor-neutral, open-source machine-readable data product metadata model. It defines the objects and attributes as well as the structure of digital data products.

​He is currently pursuing his 2nd PhD in the University of Jyväskylä around the design-driven data productizement process, which binds together data products and data strategy in companies.


Toni Luhti, DSc

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Toni Luhti, D.Sc. (economics), is a founder of MindMote Ltd., co-founder of Data Product Business, and co-author of Deliver Value in the Data Economy book. Toni also holds multiple positions in different start-ups and member of the board or advisory board. Over 20 years of IT and digitalization experience with the latest academic knowledge makes him a highly valuable executive for companies of all sizes.


During his career, he has been working for many international and local listed companies in various management positions. Typically his positions are focused on digital transformation, lean organizations, and adopting modern technologies. With a deep understanding of servitization and the consumption-based business model, he can turn technical innovations into revenue streams.


Jussi Niilahti, M.Eng

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Jussi Niilahti, M. Eng. has over 20 years of background in different aspects of digitalization, especially from data platforms, APIs and data products, geospatial data, smart cities infrastructures, public sector, data- driven planning, and development. He expertizes is the ability to guide tech-business decision-making together with technical and business-oriented colleagues, partners, and customers in a people-oriented way of working.


His skills are demonstrated in practice. Over the past couple of years Data Economy and Data as a Service, both technical and business perspective, has been his major objects of interest. Jussi was co-author together with Jarkko Moilanen when creating Open Data Product Specification which is a vendor-neutral, open-source machine-readable data product metadata model. It defines the objects and attributes as well as the structure of digital data products.

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